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An Actual Conversation While Driving to a Dave and Ethan Show in Syracuse, NY

Dave:  Man, you’re a terrible driver.

Ethan:  Look, we both have complimentary strengths and weaknesses. That’s what makes us a good team.

Dave:  Right, we’re like Apple: I’m Steve Jobs, and you’re the fat guy.


Another Actual Conversation with Dave About Actual Conversation

Dave:  You’ve been slacking with Actual Conversation.  

Ethan:  I’ve just been busy.

Dave:  Let me help you!

Ethan:  No.

Dave:  Come on, I’ll get this one started.

Ethan:  I don’t need—

Dave:  Wow, the weather is so nice today.  You would never know there was a hurricane this weekend…

Ethan:  (long pause)  …Yup.

Dave:  PASTA!

Ethan:  (sigh)

Dave:  Did I make it?

An Actual Conversation with a Bed and Breakfast Owner After a Dave and Ethan Show

B & B Owner:  Good evening, gentlemen.  What name is the reservation under?

Ethan:  It should be under “Dave and Ethan.”

B & B Owner:  …Oh.  Alright…great.  (pause)  And…will you be needing two beds, or…are…you together…?

(quickly, both at the same time:)

Ethan:  Two beds.

Dave:  Together.

An Actual Conversation with a Girl From Staten Island After a “Dave and Ethan” Show in Pennsylvania

Girl:  Hey, good show tonight.

Ethan:  Oh, thank you.

Girl:  Yeah. 

(long pause)

Girl:  So, are you guys faggots?


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